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Home of hand made Olive Oil Soaps

A cottage soaps are quality olive oil soaps, hand made on the premises in small batches with natural additives.

Our soaps have a dense creamy lather, very gentle on hair and skin.

Cottage soaps clean without stripping the natural oils out of your hair and skin, as unlike commercial soaps our soaps retain all the valuable  glycerine which has been  stripped out of most commercial soaps and sold separately in moisturises.

 We use food colouring and keep our soaps naturally or lightly scented so they are safe for sensitive skin. For highly sensitive skin we recommend our fragrance and colour free range, made with only olive oil and lye.

While we have never yet had someone react to our soap, ( even people with soap allergies ), however if you have had problems with soap in the past, it would be wise to spot test a little area first.

Hand Made Soaps

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